There are tons and tons of zombie films that have been produced over the years so it can be tough for those who are looking to find some good ones to watch they may never have seen to decide which ones to sit down and enjoy. Here you’ll find a list that was voted some of the best ever made by those who consider themselves zombie experts when it comes to movies about zombies. Even if you have seen these zombie films you might just be interested to see if your favorite is on the list.

Coming in at number one in our pick for top zombie films would be Shaun of the Dead (2004 UK) hit where the 29 Shaun who has no ambition in life whatsoever and only has the loyalty of his lazy best friend Edgar and a dead end job, he’s not exactly doing much to put any effort out in life. But, when the dead start coming back and are flesh hungry it is his job to find a way to rescue his mother and girlfriend before it’s too late.

Dawn of the Dead (2004 US) – The mall becomes a fortress after which zombie films would never be the same. Ana figures out in this film that her neighborhood is simply going downhill after her own kid and all the other neighbors suddenly turn into the murderous walking dead. She takes off and meets some other survivors and they end up in the local mall with others. Generally their days are safe but eventually their resources begin to run low in the mall and they need to make a plan of how to survive. The movie has a lot of action and the special effects are great in this #2 rated film.

28 Days Later (2002 UK) – The third on the list of best zombie films was about animal activists that invade a lab with just the intentions of setting chimpanzees free that are being put through experimentation. However, they are not aware that they have been infected by a virus that causes rage. These well intentioned and naive activists ignore all the pleas of a scientist that they need to keep the cages locked, instead they release them ending up with disastrous results. It’s 28 days later when Jim, the protagonist of the movie wakes up from a coma only to find London deserted. He finds a church where he discovers zombie like people who simply want to kill him and he begins the run for his life. This is an intense film about survival and heroics.

Coming it at number four is Dawn of the Dead (1978 US). This movie shows you that when it comes to a zombie apocalypse the best thing to do is to hang around with a bunch of rednecks in redneck country than to try and survive on your own. In this movie the rednecks are a lot more fun to hang around with than a surviving group of neo-nazi motorcycle gang. This movie actually picks up where the Night of the Living Dead left off at. It follows two employees named Stephen and Francine, who work for a local TV channel and they eventually run into two of the stupidest SWAT police they’ve ever met named Peter and Roger. They escape in a helicopter and head out of Philadelphia to the countryside, find a mall with a huge stash of survival supplies in a section of the mall that seems to be well fortified they don’t seem to be content and venture out into other parts and well, that’s were they run into trouble.

Night of the Living Dead (1968 US) – This is of course the classic film that got George Romero going and the brains behind the recently deceased coming back to life and feeding on human flesh. The brains seem to be infected and in the end the government realizes the only way to destroy these creatures is to destroy the brains that run them, thus the bullets to the head. The basic plot is a woman visits her father’s grave, then takes refuge in a nearby farmhouse where a stranger helps to protect her and barricades themselves inside. Later they find people in the basement and they have to deal with that. They plan on trying to get some gas from a pump nearby to escape in truck outside but they have to contend with the horde of walking dead outside.

Zombieland (2009 US) – This is a zombie film that is filled with fun, good zombie gore, some sadness with a well rounded storyline that puts four surviving people up against each other, themselves personally and of course the zombies waiting for them. Columbus and Tallahassee two characters meet up on a journey to the East Coast where they both hope to find something more than “Zombieland”. The two of them come across Wichita and Little Rock and the four of them team up as they fight inner demons, and the treacherous things that haunt them in Zombieland.

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